White silence ...

After so many years a glimpse of 'real' winter in Ponzano.

Snow brings a peaceful feeling. The world follows the slow motion of the snowflakes, falling soundless.
The soft white painting makes you notice things that would otherwise be left unnoticed.
The silence is different in the snow, it is so dense to become a presence, it is so important to take up the scene, it is so welcoming to make you feel at home.
Round footprints of deer are the only marks on the path.

Olive trees

The hamlet of Ponzano from the olive grove

The temperature is not so kind to the olive trees, the whole harvest can be at risk.

Trees, flowers, even objects are taken aback by the heavy weigth they have to carry ...

With the rays of the sun  and the snow slowly melting away the view starts changing

All of the above along with some hot spicy wine, roasted chestnuts, apple cakes, and  burning wood in the old stove will surely make cold days very pleasant!