The season is coming to an end ...

Autumn, this is the time to take advantage of our special offers and enjoy the colours of the fall.

The climate is changing. For many years now the cold postpone its arrival and will be here only later on in december.
Not so many tourists will invade hills and art towns and I often wonder why two marvellous months like October and November are not chosen for holidays.
During this period sunsets have blasting colours, fields are green and, often, the gray day will roll into a shy sun and a cosy warmth.
This is the season of the new wine.
Nature has never chosen its products casually . The new wine is not very strong and it is pleasant to have a glass of Chianti to warm up the evenings and prepare, gradually, for the winter when the wine, finally mature, will be stronger so as to have more power to fight the long winter and the frosty days.

Autumn time.

The foggy hills give their very best when the mist is of a
bluish colour.
While the towers of San Gimignano barely appear in the distance,
the cypress trees look like feathers on elegant hats reminding us
of the ancient splendor of nature.

After the rain the soft skylines are dissolving into the sky.
It's a welcoming sight, while the vineyards and the olive groves disappear along with the labour of men.

From March to December

The seasons ... deep poems that punctuate the sound of life
as with no poetry we exist without living

Les seasons ... poèmes profonde qui ponctuent le son de la vie parce que sans poésie on existe sans vivre

Le stagioni ... profonde poesia che scandiscono il suono della vita
perchè senza poesia esistiamo senza vivere


Trees still leafless
wild, small, yellow flowers are blooming under the first warm sun rays
Cypress are still suffering the passage of a short but heavy snow storm, their branches are leaning out towards the earth waiting for a human help
It's a matter of days then the country side will turn into an explosion of leaves, flowers, colors.

An old italian song says: 'The gardens in march dress up in new colors and young women live new loves ...'


Nurse: 'Do you believe in God?'
Einstein:   'Do I beleive there is someone who plans the daily life of Albert Einstein? No. Altough some times I think he may have been leading me up the garden path and I have spent all my life trying to catch him at his work!'
Nurse:    'But did he make the garden?'
Einstein:  'I think he is the garden'


Villa in Tuscany

  May is a great month to visit Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca, Pienza ....

Not too hot to enjoy the red wine served in the so many local Restaurants or simply sitting in the garden in front of a magnificent view!


This year june has been marvellous.
Not too crowded and not too hot ,with sporadic showers that have kept the country side green and pleasantly warm, allowing our guests to visit the art towns without suffering the heat. 
One afternoon, after a thunder storm, the thick clouds on the sky have played up with the sun giving us a stunning sunset ...

Tuscany, sunset view


Blooming lavender, busy bees and a garden which is now ready to change colour.
Soon the grass will be yellow under the usual heat that is proper of this summer month.

This is a period of the year where our guests spend over a week in Ponzano alternating a visit to Florence with a relaxing day in the pool, an afternoon in Siena with a lazy afternoon under the shadow of a tree reading a nice book with the sound of crickets in the background.
This is no time to challenge the heat, this is time to surrender to it and relax to the rhythm of lazy hours.


"Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

... so is the month of August, it comes as a fiery chariot and rolls away in a flash!  
leaving behind the trapped eyes of a wild deer .... 


The summer heat dies in September, leaving a hot trail that will take us throughout the autumn ...
The fields are slowly recovering that shade of dark green lost during the summer, the grapes are waiting to be harvested and we are eager to taste a new good Chianti wine!


The yellow leaves of the pomogranate will soon be carpet for the lawn, the clouds barely hold the rain
while the warmest existing colors are all around us.


The harvest of the olives!!!

Oil tasting


Merry Christmas!!!

May 2015

No words for the month of May, only flowers … flowers … flowers ... flowers !

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